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At STGIST, we aim to provide the best reading experience for our visitors. In order to do so, we need know the common interest of our visitors (like you). For instance, if you love stories about NASA, we need to know so we would provide more articles about it. To know your interests, we need to track the pages that you read through Google Analytics and the built-in WordPress tracking. We’re not affiliated with the aforementioned services and companies.

As we track your activities within our site, keep in mind that we do not know who you are, what your name is, or what other websites that you visit. We only know the following:

  1. City you’re located, but generalized. In our data, you may appear as a visitor from Los Angeles even though you live in Oakland.
  2. Your age group (e.g. the age group 18 to 29 years old).
  3. Sometimes, the data collector that we use know your gender.

Again, we do the tracking of readers to improve our services. Nothing more, nothing less.

To support the site, we also need to serve advertisements. Like the tracking, we do not control the advertisements that we use. Advertisements served by YouTube (if the article has one) is not covered by this policy.

Also keep in mind that this policy applies to all devices whether you use a mobile phone or a desktop computer to access our site.

For comments published on our site, we–whether it is in an article or a blog–moderate them in order to maintain quality and civility. Comments which contain profanity, targeting a race or culture, and other offensive content will be deleted as soon as we spot them. We will also ban the I.P. of repeat offenders.

We are allowed to update this policy anytime without the reader’s consent.

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