PayPal joins Nintendo Switch eShop ecosystem

Nintendo Switch gaming console

Now you can tap the PayPal support and convenience in the Switch ecosystem.

We all love that convenience of buying stuff online using our PayPal, and thank heavens Nintendo is bringing this advantage to its Switch platform.

The payment company unwrapped the good news Tuesday in a blog post, saying that they’re focused on bringing “delivering seamless commerce experiences across a range of contexts” — and that includes gaming consoles.

Nintendo Switch is the latest console unit from the Japan-based gaming giant, and it is already out in the market with a price tag of $299.99. Similar to rival platforms, Nintendo’s also supports online purchasing of games, so you don’t have to visit those brick-and-mortar and mall stalls. It will automatically download the game to the console once paid.

Nintendo calls their online shop the ‘eShop’ — and there, owners of Switch can fund their account using PayPal.

According to the said payment company, users can also use their account to fund balances using the official Nintendo website, and use them to purchase content for the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U, two older consoles also offered by Nintendo.

Nintendo, of course, isn’t the first console giant to bring PayPal to its online store. Also, mobile platforms, like iOS and Android (considered top rivals of the gaming console ecosystems) have integration and wider payment coverage than gaming consoles.



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