Loft vs basic tiny home

The tiny house movement is on the rise. Many people are thinking of buying tiny homes to lead a simple life. Architectures are coming up with innovative designs for tiny houses. One recent trend is the loft; that is, adding levels to the house. Here we are going to look at the differences between a basic tiny house and a loft.

Basic tiny home

The basic tiny home is a single floor space of 400 square feet or less where there are a bedroom, kitchen, living room and a bathroom. As you have a bedroom on the same floor, you don’t have to use the ladder to get down like in a loft. You won’t be cramped within a small space; you can freely move around. You can utilize your single floor space in many ways. You can use slide under beds, for example.



The loft offers split level living. You can have your bedroom on the top floor. This will leave more space on the ground floor. You can also use the loft as a storage space or closet. Loft utilizes the vertical space of a tiny house. When you extend the house horizontally, it becomes difficult to move it. So, extending vertically can save your space on the ground and utilize the space on top.

Both types of tiny houses are popular. You should choose one according to your preference. If you have a loft, it’s adding an extra room on top. If you don’t have a loft, you can utilize your ground floor smartly.


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