Medium paying writers based on ‘claps’ count

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Medium giving writers the moolah based on claps.

An unorthodox way of generating revenue for writers, Medium, the online blogging platform, is now paying its writers based on the claps count from users.

In case you’re wondering, claps is the content platform’s version of like, or heart, and others. (Like of course is Facebook, while heart is on Instagram.)

According to The Verge, Medium will count the author’s revenue by dividing up every individual subscriber’s monthly fee between the different content they have read that month. But here’s the catch, Medium will weight payments toward articles that an individual subscriber gives the most claps to. If you’re not familiar with the Medium claps thing, a subscriber can click the clap button as many times as they want.

Medium launched its membership paywall service back in March with price tag of $5 per month. Its goal is to put the content website away from the traditional online advertising strategy which funds more than 90 percent (this is a fair guess) of the internet — including Facebook, Google, and this site itself.


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