Instagram to add ‘Stories’ on mobile web browser

Soon you can watch ‘Stories’ on Instagram using the mobile web browser.

Anyone with an Instagram account, even without the official app installed on their phone, can soon access the social network’s Stories feature using any mobile web browser.

Similar to the mobile app version, users will see Stories published by other users at the top of the feed, and they can watch them by tapping.

To skip or go back to a story, users can tap the left and right arrows.

Stories was first launched by Facebook’s photo social network August last year, and has become a main source of repeat visitors. Stories published on it disappear after 24 hours, unlike the regular uploads which stay on the user’s timeline. Similar to Snapchat, Stories allows users to add filters to make their story “more interesting.”

In a blog post, Instagram said the feature has quickly become a part of the social network’s experience with over 250 million people using it every day.


Matt is a computer science undergraduate who serves as the editor for technology at STGIST.

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