This page contains the content rules and additional information set forth and followed by this site, its editors, writers and contributors. Written below this paragraph is the only Content Manifesto (guidelines) of STGIST. Contributors of this site are also required to read and follow the guidelines.


Articles published on this site must be written in English and follow the guide set by the Associated Press Style Guide and the Merriam-Webster Dictionary (for definitions) at all times. Articles must get approval of editors before they can appear on the site. Proper use of grammar is a must.

News writers must also adhere to the ‘do follow’ rule implemented by this website, meaning writers must provide a link to the source of the information. For instance, the article for a new product launched must include a link to the press release published by the product maker (company).

If applicable, writers are also urged to add a link to article of a news organization that first published the news.

For contributors, be sure to provide the true nature of your work. If you’re a marketer for a specific product, you must disclose it. Failure to do so will result to deletion of your account and its published and saved articles. Contributors are also required to submit documents as proof of position or relationship with a company or product.

For readers who have spotted an erroneous article, send a message to with the headline: Error. We urge readers to send a mail when errors are found.

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