Clash Royal unveils new tank: The Mega Knight

Clash Royale, Mega Knight

Ladies and gents, a new Clash Royale card is coming! The Mega Knight.

Clash Royale, the live PvP mobile game, will introduce a new tank (or a unit with a lot of health) — and it’s a legendary (meaning it is hard to obtain).

They’re calling it the Mega Knight which is basically a knight with a lot of bells and whistles. Dig in to learn more about the new card.

According to Orange Juice Gaming, the Mega Knight has more health than the Lava Hound, and has splash damage hitting over one unit at the same time. Unlike the Lava Hound which is a flying unit, the Mega Knight is melee, but it comes with a twist: it jumps. It works like the previously released card, The Bandit (which charges and offers more damage on hit).

But unlike the Bandit, the Mega Knight jumps and has extra hit damage on landing. It also has spawn damage which is similar to the Electro Wizard’s free zap on spawn.

On level one, the Mega Knight has 3,300 health, area damage of 240, jump damage of 480, and a spawn damage of also 480. Its hit speed is only 1.8 seconds, and it can only attack ground-based units. It means that all flying units can safely attack the Mega Knight even though it jumps.

Mega Knight, Ice Wizard, Clash Royale

In addition, its move speed is similar to the Giant Skeleton.

Players can get it for free soon via the Mega Knight Challenge. Clash Royale will give each player a free entry (100 gems afterwards), and the top prize is of course the Mega Knight itself in addition to 11,000 coins and 550 cards.


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