Stephen Hawking on end of humanity and threats from near-Earth objects

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  1. Elam says:

    Yeah, the moon looks like a nice smooth surface to hide from asteroids. I choose death over trying to survive in the totally hostile environment of the moon or mars.

  2. Zebby says:

    With all due respect, I hope he’s wrong, similarly to his first black hole analysis. See you on The Big Bang Theory, Dr.

  3. Monica Williams says:

    Hes predictions are so gloom and doom …Sorry but mother earth is about 4.5 billions years and its not gone die just yet because he said so …I am a positive person inside and out and I love my kids and grand kids to love creators creation …

  4. I think the world is far better off by America not putting any more dollarsthey have into NASA or space exploration. We know that both the Moon & especially Mars (which is literally akin to “going to hell”) are inhospitable & uninhabitable .The idea is of colinization there is simply “pie in the sky” to make us forget to use our common sense & use science & research money to better our alternative energy technologies & reduce carbon emissions to prevent further climate change & reduce global warming. Surely, any catastrophic asteroids (which are extremely rare) if headed this way, will be detected in enough time for us to deflect them or blast them, out of harms way.

  5. victor regede says:

    Atheists, like Stephen Hawking, must know that God created man to live on earth and nowhere else. God Almighty is in full control of his universe and no amount of investment in crazy ventures will stop him from destroying the sinful world at his own time. Repent or face doom!

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