Stephen Hawking says we need to colonize other planets, or we die

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  1. Mars is like Dante’s Inferno, it is a living Hell. Mars will kill you in a thousand ways. Mars is just not worth the effort. It would be much easier and cheaper to fix the Earth and reduce our population to a sustainable level. Mars really sucks. It’s not worth the effort.

  2. If we could get our act together & shut down fossil fuel extraction & decide for the sake of future generations that we must be peaceable at allcosts (ie. shut down arms sales & prosecute warmongers & Oil & Gas companies that continue to develop fossil fuel resources in breach of the Paris Climate Change agreement). Unfortunately, with all due respect to Mr. Hawking, his prediction merely perpetuates the false hope that we can continue to “screw things up” here on planet Earth, by naively thinking we have a thousand years to find a new planet that is almost impossible to reach and totally inhospitable to human, animal & plant life. We are here on this beautiful planet to look after it & the people animals & vegetation on it. We are here to look after each other & protect the land, air and waters. We are here to learn to live together in peace & harmony & create a heaven on this beautiful, Earthly garden & reverse the damage we have caused.That was basically Jesus’s simple message 2000 years ago & it still applied today. This talk of a “pie in the sky solution” ie. an “escape to Mars”, will only serve to perpetuate the greedy, warlike behaviour that brought humanity to this precarious brink of no return. Please, let’s get serious about the environment & world peace & truly love each other & the planet; that, in my humble opinion, is the only practical “down to Earth” solution, despite whatever geniuses, like Mr. Hawking may surmise. Relying on the concept of an escape to another planet will become a detrimental “carrot on a stick” approach, inducing us to blindly continue our foolish, assinine behaviour when it comes to protecting our planet & each other & will surely only lead to further desecration of our planet & our untimely, extinction.

    1. I want some of what you’re smoking.

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