Traumatic stress affects girls’ and boys’ brains differently, Stanford study reveals

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    “Our findings suggest it is possible that boys and girls could exhibit different trauma symptoms.” Klabunde added, “They might benefit from different approaches to treatment.”

    This study does nothing of the kind. It was always possible that boys and girls could have different symptoms. This study sheds absolutely no light on the probability of that whatsoever.

    This is an anatomical study, with a small N value, and it most definitely doesn’t say anything about treatment. That is a researcher trying to talk up her research to get publication or funding. Inaccurate and irresponsible, and it teaches the public to misinterpret scientific studies.

    Scientists and practitioners need to model proper use of information obtained from scientific research, and science reporters need to do the same.

    We’re creating a culture where science seems like voodoo to the public, and that’s why they can’t tell the difference between the two, and that’s why they vote for people who play to that.

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