Consumer Reports says dietary supplements can make you sick, or kill you

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  1. Roger says:

    But they never criticize the Pharmaceutical industry, has consumer reports been bought out?
    who were these evaluating experts? How many of the thousands of drugs on the market have been tested? All natural path drugs can kill if not prepared correctly.
    best to have empirical evidence not opinions.

    1. Francos Farms says:

      all Pharmaceutical drugs side effects and risks have to be legally listed unlike supplements.

    2. Shawn says:

      None of these listed seem to be main-stream supplements, so I can trust to some extent why these are never used. Green Tea “extract” was the only surprise

  2. Karl says:

    Can you also do an article on the expert’s opinion of the overdose effects of water – lay persons without deep knowledge simplistically call this “drowning?”

    Unlike the present article, please include the expert opinion on specific safe levels and unsafe levels of ingestion as influenced by salt content and body mass.

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    1. Bumbler says:

      Indeed, lets not sleep on the dangers of dihydrogen monooxide any longer either… Causes more deaths annually than any of the substances on this list.

  3. K.C. says:

    I worked in the natural foods industry for years. The billion dollar vitamin/herbal supplement industry is just as cutthroat and greedy as the pharmaceutical industry. They manufacture,market and promote products that they know have serious side effects. It’s all about the dollars.
    Use your common sense, people. Do your research. Just because something is “natural” doesn’t mean that its automatically good for you.

  4. Bethe says:

    You should definitely know what you are doing before taking any supplements. Anything you consume can cause health issues if you take the wrong amount or wrong combination. Many supplements are only meant to be taken in small amounts or only for short periods of time. People need to take charge of their own health and educate themselves as much as possible. Don’t think you can just turn off your brain and let your doctor(s) prescribe meds for you – prescription meds have huge side effects, as do over the counter drugs (ibuprofen? Tylenol?).

  5. Willy05 says:

    Yohimbe has long been a contradiction and should be banned from all ED related products. Regarding green tea extracts its unclear if they’re referring to ECGC or not. Its also not clear if they’re basing this on a few anecdotal reports or an independent investigation. Most of the other items are not widely used. Its hard to find a balance between those who push over regulation vs those who profit from sloppy “evidence.” No supplement is essential or will fix a medical problem. Few consume a reasonably balanced diet.

  6. xCross says:

    What biased, nonsense propaganda masquerading as “journalism.” Ah yes, this of course means we need still more govermental and medical regulation and control of our health freedom and choices; in fact, let’s make natural food, vitamin and herbal supplements only available from Big Pharma and the Medical Industrial Complex via perscription from a doctor! Really? NO THANK YOU. Wake up America–clearly Consumer Reports is not the impartial, unbiased organization they claim to be; this piece of anti-natural supplements propaganda smear is so transparent it’s laughable. Hmmm… Wonder how many people DIE every year from OTC Pharma DRUGS, compared to natural supplements? Irresponsible “reporting” with an agenda at its worst.

  7. Garrett says:

    Most of the stuff consumer reports says is good actually sucks. They have no credibility.

  8. Silverado says:

    Comparatively speaking how many people die every year from BIG Pharma’s concoctions?? It’s in the thousands. How many die from consuming the items you list in the article as dietary supplements?? Probably less than a handful. BIG Pharma has much more “blood” on their politically and criminally stained hands than whatever you’re trying and failing to point out here. I’d say the trust by everyday Americans in BIG Pharma ranks right along side their…trust in Hillary Clinton, which is little to none.

  9. Zigzagmolly says:

    My response comments to Consumer Reports:
    Wow! Thought I was reading propaganda from drug companies. Really too bad that OTC supplements are NOT tested. Money is the key. No funding for this. But, the makers of Lovastatin can take the monocolin out of Red Yeast Rice, market it as their own drug and then convince the FDA to make Red Yeast Rice bad. Well, when I found out I had high cholesterol and my doc said I needed to start medications…Lovastatin, I did some research. Thank goodness for They do collect data from the few tests that have been done on supplements. So I started on Dr.’s Best Red Yeast Rice and had wonderful results. I started eating healthier…though I never really ate meat anyway! And started on Red Yeast Rice with COQ10 based on Consumerlabs and other data. Within a year, I lost 50lbs and my Total Cholesterol went from 253 to 169. And LDL from 182 to 103. So, I thought maybe the weight loss would keep my cholesterol normal. I had my PCP test my labs, went on Red Yeast Rice every OTHER day for 3 months and tested again. NO change in diet as I continue on the same plan I lost weight on. My total cholesterol went up from 169 to 200 and LDL from 103 to 122. Wow, Red Yeast Rice was so effective and I seem to have genetic disposition to high cholesterol. So went back on every day and labs went down again from total cholesterol of 200 to 173 and LDL from 122 to 101. My one person test. NO side effects as MAYBE Red Yeast Rice has so other things that work together with the low dose monocolins to reduce things. But, we will never know as there is no money dedicated to testing things that might be good for us that happen naturally in our environment and have been used for thousands of years. And guess what! They discontinued my Dr.’s Best Red Yeast Rice..because it is effective, it must be a drug and must be taken off the market as it is not tested and sold by a drug company. Competition! Disgusting. So am searching for an alternative after buying out the last of previous supply and have to figure out an alternative by winter time. Thank goodness for And not sure I want to continue with Consumer Reports. I want to see their testing that tells me Red Yeast Rice is worse for me than the expensive, single element drugs that can cause much more damage than my alternative. And I am an RN! I sent my single person testing of Red Yeast Rice to all the docs I work with so they can at least have some knowledge of alternatives that don’t come from drug companies only interested in money.

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