NASA and the journey to terraforming Mars: are we on phase one?

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  1. Not even close. Sending a couple of landers, orbiters and rovers is an accomplishment, but doesn’t change anything as far as terraforming goes. NASA is too bloated and slow to accomplish much in any reasonable time frame. I give them credit for what they have done, but their heyday and usefulness is drawing to a close. Being a feeding trough for congressional districts is what they have been reduced to.

    If you want to root for speedier action, look to SpaceX. They will be launching regularly to Mars in the not too distant future. Once they have established regular transport to and from Mars, all kinds of things will be possible. Their Red Dragon to mars in ’18 may be a bit ambitious, but they will definitely be there by ’20. In the following years, their Mars Colonial Transport will open the doors to all kinds of activity as a large colony is established.

    Terraforming will follow at a much quicker pace than the 900 to 1000 years mentioned in this article. I would say it could be done in 50 to 100 years with the proper motivation, which will be present with large amounts of humans present on the planet.

    So no, we are not in phase 1 yet, but within 10 years, we just might be!

  2. dave says:

    Bombarding the planet w/canisters of fluorocarbons will get the job done in 25 years. Then, we geneticly modify single=cell organisims to convert the atmosphere into oxygen, fast, like an algae bloom that explodes in volume only to consume its resources and then die, en mass. With a few genetic tweeks plants will be growing and 100 years from today people could be moving to mars, not a 1000 years. Were I president This would be my top priority

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