Study says one in ten Americans has buzzing in the ear or tinnitus

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  1. John Reagan says:

    Why bother talking to your doctor. There”s no cure, They don”t even know what causes it,

  2. Burt Furuta says:

    Tinnitus is a common symptom of sensitivity to electromagnetic fields (EMF), including radiofrequency radiation from cell towers, WiFi, laptops, cell phones, cordless phones, smart meters, baby monitors, and other wireless devices.

    With greater exposure to wireless radiation, more people are becoming hypersensitive. The United States is behind other countries in recognizing this problem. Check out the Parents For Safe Technology website which is an excellent resource on this issue.

    1. P. H. Campbell says:

      EM radiation is not a primary cause of tinnitus. Nor is it an especially common one, given that the levels of EM radiation need to be so high to produce that as a symptom that other physical problems would manifest first.

      In fact, the study you cited has been disproved by several CDC research groups.

      Tinnitus is caused by damage to the auditory system. That can happen more often due to excess noise. It is also a common side-effect to antidepressants and even anti-psychotics. It can be caused by inflammatory processes as well (such as infection), which are exacerbated by stress or even a lack of sleep.

      Please, don’t push a discredited agenda. Pseudoscientific nonsense doesn’t belong in medicine, nor in a place where people might be looking for facts.

  3. Ann says:

    I “tune” it out having had it for 20 years. Sometimes it can be way worse and becomes difficult to ignore but mostly it’s “just there.” It’s an annoyance but something I can deal with.

  4. Rich says:

    I totally know what causes my tinnitus. I have four compressed vertebrates and when I liift heavy items so the vertebrates are out of alignment the tone and volume changes. By manipulating my back the noise level changes sometimes totally going away. The injury was the result of a toboggan accident in 1968

  5. IlligalForreclosure Victim says:

    We in the entire family experience high pictch noise and even recorded it. It could be coming from an ultrasonic radar.

  6. Unsonic says:

    I don’t think hearing high pitch noise is a disease. It may be originating from a ultra sonic device or Ultrasonic radar. It is known that such devices are used to eject people from their homes.

  7. Stephi Jackson says:

    Please, not another disorder for which they can come up with no cure, but suggest psychotherapy. That’s a cop out and an insult that suggests it’s “all in your head”. Being married to a man who has been suffering from tinnitus with hearing loss and hyperacousis for 25 years, I can guarantee it is not!

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