Loft vs basic tiny home

The tiny house movement is on the rise. Many people are thinking of buying tiny homes to lead a simple life. Architectures are coming up with innovative designs for tiny houses. One recent trend is the loft; that is, adding levels to the house. Here we are going to look at the differences between a basic tiny house and a loft.

Basic tiny home

The basic tiny home is a single floor space of 400 square feet or less where there are a bedroom, kitchen, living room and a bathroom. As you have a bedroom on the same floor, you don’t have to use the ladder to get down like in a loft. You won’t be cramped within a small space; you can freely move around. You can utilize your single floor space in many ways. You can use slide under beds, for example.



The loft offers split level living. You can have your bedroom on the top floor. This will leave more space on the ground floor. You can also use the loft as a storage space or closet. Loft utilizes the vertical space of a tiny house. When you extend the house horizontally, it becomes difficult to move it. So, extending vertically can save your space on the ground and utilize the space on top.

Both types of tiny houses are popular. You should choose one according to your preference. If you have a loft, it’s adding an extra room on top. If you don’t have a loft, you can utilize your ground floor smartly.

What is tiny house movement and why it is so popular?

Have you seen those cute little houses lately? The number of these tiny houses is increasing. It all started with the tiny house movement. The tiny house movement is a social movement for encouraging people to live in tiny houses. It encourages simple living. You should live in space that is enough for you. Tiny houses have spaces that are about 400 square feet or even less. This movement has become popular for a number of reasons.


1. Less costly

Most people spend a large portion of their income on house rent every month. Buying house is very expensive and not many people can afford it. A tiny house is very cheap and you can buy it without taking any mortgage. Every month your expenses will also be low as there will be less energy consumption. You need to pay less electricity, gas and water bills.


2. Environment-friendly

The tiny house offers a sustainable way of living. There will be less consumption of natural resources and the carbon footprint will be less too.


3. Easy to maintain

Maintaining house is a big hassle. Sometimes, people hire professionals to take care of their house. When you live in a tiny house, you won’t have to worry much about maintenance.


4. Provides freedom

A tiny house on wheels can be moved from one place to another. So, if you are changing jobs, you don’t have to think of buying a new house or renting one. You can simply take your tiny house with you.


5. Use it for other purposes

The tiny house can be used as an extension of your existing house. You can use it as your home office, guest house or other purposes.

If you want to save money on housing, you should join this movement. You will be able to live a simple life and contribute positively to the environment by living in a tiny house.

4 things you should know about the real estate market in 2018

Are you thinking of buying home this year? If you are then you must know the trends of the real estate market so that you can take decisions wisely. Here are some of the trends and predictions about the 2018 real estate market.


House prices will be moderate

After the real estate market crash in 2008, the house prices have been rising slowly. Last year the price was high and this year also, you can expect the price to be similar. There won’t be any drastic increase in the prices.


Mortgage interest rates will be high

As the demand for houses is less than the supply, the mortgage rate is high. So, make sure you have enough money for paying the down payment and have a stable income source to pay monthly mortgage amount.


Tax reform benefits

Reduced income tax means that you will have more money to save for buying a house. Lower corporate tax means the home builders will be at an advantage as well.


New homes for first-time buyers

In the previous years, the property investors concentrated on the luxury market. This year, as more millennials are going to become first home buyers, the home builders will build home for the first time buyers. So, more homes will be available in the market.


Looking at the trends it seems that it is quite safe to buy a house this year. Make sure you are in good financial standing in order to pay the high mortgage fees and down payment.

Infographic by: Rismedia